If you’re on the fence as to whether or not your brand or organization really needs a mascot, have a look below at some of the reasons why mascots can be integral in advertising and creating goodwill for your brand.

Team Spirit

Whether you have a professional sports team, a school, or even a company, mascots are fantastic at injecting team spirit into any event. Let a high-energy mascot give the team members and fans something to rally around. Mascots lift people’s spirits and act as an ambassador between the organization and the public.

For sports teams in particular, mascots serve to increase visibility and brand recognition. People love to cheer on the dancing and zany antics of their team representative at every game and beyond.


Mascots are a physical representation of your brand, turning it into a real “person” that the public can interact with. Mascots are loveable in nature, and one meaningful interaction with a brand mascot can lead to a lifetime of loyalty. They can help to humanize companies and organizations, and give people something to relate to. A well-designed mascot is a perfect ambassador for any brand or organization.


Mascots are a memorable, interactive entity. In modern times, people are constantly being bombarded with many forms of advertising, whether it is in print, on the screen, or even in the form of physical objects. Mascots present a form of advertising that is interactive and friendly, allowing your potential clients or customers to truly interact with your brand in a positive way.

 A living, breathing mascot at a booth or event is much more likely to make a meaningful impression on the public than a flyer that they won’t read, or a commercial that they will turn off. Mascots are a form of advertising that the consumer simply cannot ignore.